Posted by nogajun - 2006/08/01


七日間の命なので鳴くなとは言いせんが、せめて家の壁に貼りついて鳴くのだけは止めていだだけないでしょうか。 うるさくてかなわんです。

_ アリス・イン・ナイトメア作者のアメリカン・マッギーがubuntuにスイッチ

WGAに失敗するのは1%以下だって!? オレのalienwareで買ったマシン、Windows Updateしたらニセモノって言われたぜ! チョームカツク! ubuntuにスイッチする! プロプラなビデオ見られへんとかちょっと足らんとこもあるけど、automatixでソフト入れたし安定してるからしばらく使ってみるわ。



最近Macのニュースサイトの人がスイッチしたとか多いな。 なんで?

_ automatix

上の記事でautomatixってなんじゃらほい? と思って調べたらubuntuのデスクトップ環境に必要なアプリを一気にインストールしてくれるスクリプトだそうな。


1) Installs multimedia codecs - BD (386/amd64/ppc)

2) Installs all Firefox plugins (java, flash, etc) (except Adobe reader and mplayer) - BD (386/amd64/ppc)

3) Installs RAR, ACE and UNRAR archive support - BD (386/amd64/ppc)

4a) Installs skype - BD (386 only)

4b) Installs Wengophone -DP (amd64/ppc)

5) Installs Acrobat reader 7 and firefox plugin for the same. - BD (386 only)

6) Installs Gnomebaker (CD/DVD burning s/w for GNOME) - BD (386/amd64/ppc)

7) Installs gftp (FTP client for GNOME with ssh capability) - BD (386/amd64/ppc)

8) Installs Frostwire (GPL clone of Limewire) - BD (386 only)

9) Installs multimedia editors (Audacity (audio), Kino (video), EasyTag (ID3)) - BD (386/amd64/ppc)

10) Installs DVD (dvdrip) ripper - BD (386/amd64/ppc)

11) Installs Mplayer and mplayerplug for Firefox - BD (386/amd64/ppc)

12) Installs totem-xine, Realplayer, VLC and Beep Media Player (with docklet) - BD (386/amd64/ppc) docklet only on 386

13) Installs Opera Browser - BD (386/ppc)

14) Installs Debian Menu (shows all installed applications) (this kills and restarts your gnome-panel without warning u but its a completely harmless operation!) - BD (386/amd64/ppc)

15) Installs Bittornado and Azureus (Bittorrent clients) - BD (386/amd64/ppc)

16) Installs Avidemux (Video editing tool) (New version 2.1.0) - BD (386/amd64/ppc)

17) Enables Numlock on (turns numlock on Gnome startup) - BD (386/amd64/ppc)

18) Installs Programming Tools (Anjuta (C/C++ IDE), Bluefish (HTML editor), Screem (Web Development Env.) and NVU (HTML editor)) - BD (386/amd64/ppc)

19) Install GnomePPP (Graphical Dial up connection tool) - BD (386/amd64/ppc)

20) Installs MS true type fonts - BD (386/amd64/ppc)

21) Configures ctrl-alt-del to start gnome-system-monitor (aka windows) - BD (386/amd64/ppc)

22) Installs Streamripper and Streamtuner - BD (386/amd64/ppc)

23a) Installs NON-FREE audio codecs - BD (386/ppc)

23b) Installs NON-FREE DVD codecs -BD (386/amd64/ppc)

24) Installs ndisgtk (WiFi configurator Graphical user interface) and Network Manager for Gnome/KDE - BD (386 only)

25) Upgrades Open Office to 2.0 (final version), installs openoffice clipart and installs OO2 thumbnailer. - BR (386 only)

26) Adds 3 nautilus scripts (open any file with gedit as root; open a nautilus window as root in any folder; open gnome search tool in any folder (Right click in a nautilus window and look under "scripts") - BD (386/amd64/ppc)

27) Installs SUN'S JAVA JRE version 1.5 - BD (386/amd64/ppc)

28a) Installs SUN'S JAVA JDK version 1.5 - BD (386/amd64)

28b) Installs IBM'S JAVA JDK version 1.5 -DP (ppc only)

29) Installs wine (u need to run winecfg manually after installation) - BD (386 only)

30) Enables ejection of CD when CDROM drive button is pressed. - BD (386/amd64/ppc)

31) Installs AMSN 0.95 (MSN client with webcam support) - BD (386/amd64/ppc)

32) Installs Mercury Messenger (Java based MSN client with webcam support) - BR (386 only)

33) Installs BUM (Boot-up Manager) - BD (386/amd64/ppc)

34) Installs DCPP (Linux DC++ client) - BD (386 only)

35) Installs sbackup (Backup and restoration solution) - BD (386/amd64/ppc)

36) Installs the latest version of Rhythmbox - DP (386 only)

37) Installs gaim2.0 beta3 packages -DP (386/amd64)

38) Installs checkgmail (add this to startup) -DP (386/amd64/ppc)

39) Installs xchat -DP (386/amd64/ppc)

40) Installs firestarter (GNOME firewall frontend) and adds firestarter to GNOME startup - BR (386 only)

41) installs gdesklets (GNOME eyecandy) and adds gdesklets to GNOME startup - BD (386/amd64/ppc) (not added to startup on Dapper)

42) Gamepads (Makes USB gamepads work) - BR (386 only)

43) Turns DMA ON on Intel and AMD machines (needs a restart) - BR (386 only)

44) NVIDIA cards (Detects Nvidia cards and installs drivers) (Needs a restart) - BD (386/amd64)

45) Adds midi capability to your Ubuntu box (test by playing a midi file with timidity or pmidi from terminal) - BR (386 only)

46) Installs Firefox and its plugins(themes and extensions are not retained.bookmarks need to be copied from backup folder) - BR (386 only)

47) Installs Mozilla-Thunderbird 1.5 (US-only version) (no support for non-US-english language packs and enigmail) - BD (386/amd64/ppc)

48) Fixes Gnome sound related issues (ALSA and ESD config) (needs a restart) (ONLY FOR GNOME! NOT TO BE USED ON KDE/XFCE) - BR (386 only)


_ 一階燻製

長雨だったせいか今年は異様にゴキブリが出てくる。 いや、一匹二匹出てくるならまだ我慢できようが四匹固まって出た日にゃ燻さにゃならんだろ。 ってことでバルサン買ってきて一階台所と居間を燻蒸。 二週間後にまた燻したら完璧だな。